On-Site Compactor Painting

M.M.F.   "On-Site" Compactor Painting

Nationwide Service

Looks Like New !
This added years to its life

This was an old unit with lots of rust and many coats of paint.  A real challenge and  REALLY UGLY!

No Hauling - No Downtime - Extends the Life of Your Units

Our Service Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars In Maintenace Costs


"ON-SITE" COMPACTOR PAINTING is very cost efficient, There is absolutely no employee involvement, no down time on the unit, and no extra hauling expenses.  This alone can SAVE 50% or more on your painting expense.

Our service keeps your compactors looking good as well as protecting your investment by preventing KILLER RUSTThe mall and the neighborhood will appreciate a clean looking compactor. It may hold garbage but it doesn't have to look that way.  Everything at your location represents your image.

We provide this service NATIONWIDE.  One call will take care of all your compactors at one price you can budget on. We have been doing business For Over 20 Years.

Why hire, train, and pay benefits for employees that you really do not need on a full time basis?  We can help out on a regular or temporary or contract basis.

We paint compactors and containers,  anywhere in the U.S.A.




We Paint Almost Anything, Anywhere In The U.S.A.

This is ugly, but kind of matched the building
What a difference a little paint makes !!

Mobile and Fully Self Contained

Mobile On-Site

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  • Nationwide Service

    We Paint All Types of Compactors, Containers, Balers, Dumpsters, Garbage Containers. Brand names, Sebrite, Marathon, Trashmaster, Smart Pak, Pak-Man, Capital, Chicago, Cram-a-Lot, Galbreath, J.V., Maxpak, Seabright,  Liftpak, Glosser, Broan, Orwak, Pak-Master, McClain, easy pack, Mil-Pak, Rolpak, Ver-Tech and Many Others. This Is Cheap Maintenance  and Easy Graffiti Removal For Malls, Shopping Centers and Business Parks.  We do not do any repair or hydraulic maintenance.