Painting F.A.Q.      Please Read

Frequently Asked Questions

Do You Need Any Help From Store Employees ?
No, All of our trucks are fully self contained with portable power and everything needed to do the job.
Do we have to spend time scheduling stores to be done ?
No, we will do all the scheduling and because there is no store involvement we can paint the units at anytime.
Will there be any down time on the compactor ?
No, the unit can be used while we are painting.  Your operation will not be interrupted.
Can you paint all year long ?
Yes, in most cases we schedule based on store location, so we can follow the sun to get the best painting conditions. This is what makes us more cost effective as we do not have down time either.
Do you put stickers or lettering on the units ?
If you supply all the appropriate stickers we will put them on, free of charge.  Most areas have their local hauler do this as they have everything in stock and know the local codes.
  • What Is Your Role In The Process ?
  • Just Supply Us With:
  • Color of unit
  • Address of unit
  • Contact Name and Number
  • Number of Units At The Location
  • M. M. F. - P.O. Box 7221 Aloha, Or  97007
  • 503-642-9367 /  800-642-9367
  • Mobile On-Site

    Nationwide Service

    We Paint All Types of Compactors, Containers, Balers, Dumpsters, Garbage Containers. Brand names, Sebrite, Marathon, Trashmaster, Smart Pak, Pak-Man, Capital, Chicago, Cram-a-Lot, Galbreath, J.V., Maxpak, Seabright,  Liftpak, Glosser, Broan, Orwak, Pak-Master, McClain, easy pack, Mil-Pak, Rolpak, Ver-Tech and Many Others. This Is Cheap Maintenance  and Easy Graffiti Removal For Malls, Shopping Centers and Business Parks.  We do not do any repair or hydraulic maintenance.