Pricing & Contact Information

Pricing is based on the number of units we paint each trip.  As we will include other companies units with each trip it should be cost effective for everyone. I am sure you will be surprised with our low rates and quality of service. Please call today for current pricing.

We will quote you one price for all of your units so there will be no surprises and your budget will not be exceeded. Special rates can be worked out for "contract work" based on number of units and frequency of painting.

Please call or E-Mail for quotes today.

  • 800-642-9367
  • Our Service Will Save You Hundreds of Dollars In Maintenace Costs

    No Hauling - No Downtime - Extends the Life of Your Units

    Mobile On-Site

  • M. M. F. - P.O. Box 7221 Aloha, Or  97007
  • 503-642-9367 /  800-642-9367
  • Nationwide Service

    We Paint All Types of Compactors, Containers, Balers, Dumpsters, Garbage Containers. Brand names, Sebrite, Marathon, Trashmaster, Smart Pak, Pak-Man, Capital, Chicago, Cram-a-Lot, Galbreath, J.V., Maxpak, Seabright,  Liftpak, Glosser, Broan, Orwak, Pak-Master, McClain, easy pack, Mil-Pak, Rolpak, Ver-Tech and Many Others. This Is Cheap Maintenance  and Easy Graffiti Removal For Malls, Shopping Centers and Business Parks.  We do not do any repair or hydraulic maintenance.